If the annual commission production of your OSJ Group or personal production is in excess of $1,000,000 annually BrokersBullpen has developed special procedures to help you in your search for a broker dealer.


·        You are assigned a personal representative to help you coordinate your search.   They  will work with your shopping list of needs to originate and develop broker dealers for you to speak with.

·        BrokersBullpen is experienced in working within limited time frames to find broker dealers for you to speak with.

·        BrokersBullpen can have broker dealers calling you within minutes of your registration and approval.

·        Your BrokersBullpen representatives will follow-up on all contacts made through BrokersBullpen to make sure that all information requested from broker dealers, and all information sent to broker dealers is processed expeditiously.

·        BrokersBullpen’s website and search process has been specifically designed to meet the most stringent security requirements to make sure that your search will be completely confidential.

·        BrokersBullpen has hundreds of contacts within the securities industry to maximize your search potential.

·        BrokersBullpen will be happy to contact any broker dealer you request on a confidential basis to establish a contact for you to speak with at that organization.


BrokersBullpen and your BrokersBullpen representative will work with you to make sure that your broker dealer search is completed as quickly as possible.


Click below to register today to get your broker dealer search started.  A representative from BrokersBullpen will contact you shortly to answer any questions that you might have.


Looking forward to working with you.


The Staff at BrokersBullpen


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